‘Plants powering people’

Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun has been making products from agricultural crops such as potato and sugar beet for over 100 years. At the same time, they work intensively to innovate these products and processes to make the most of sugar beet and potatoes. For instance, Cosun extracts functional ingredients from crops, such as plant proteins, which can replace animal proteins. And they process by-products into raw materials for nutritious and healthy animal feed and even non-food products such as shampoo. Now that’s making the most of the power of plants.

To visualise the endless possibilities of plants and to show what Cosun exactly does, we developed the ‘Plants Powering People’ photography campaign in collaboration with the advertising agency VBAT/Superunion. The focus of the campaign is on the chain: from planting, sowing, and harvesting crops to transforming them into various end products. The images breathe green, are colourful and crisp, and form a unity. They also fit exactly with what Cosun stands for: growth, pride, openness, and positive energy.

The light was an important aspect of this photo series, which is why we worked in the early morning and late afternoon as much as possible. Another special aspect of this project is that we worked in phases spread over a fairly long period. Sowing and harvesting cannot be portrayed in one day, of course. In this project, we unburdened the client from A to Z: from creating a mood board to production support.

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