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Did you know that the iconic VW bus was invented by a Dutchman? In the 1950s, Ben Pon sketched the outlines of the first Volkswagen Transporter on the back of a napkin. Back then, Pon was still a small and classic family business but has since grown into a global mobility enterprise. In the Netherlands, Pon Holdings is an importer of cars from Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche, among others, and owns bicycle brands such as Gazelle, Urban Arrow, and Santa Cruz. 

With so many brands in its portfolio, you can understand that Pon employs an astonishing number of people – (commercial) car technicians, but also administrative staff and communication specialists. To strengthen their employer brand and attract new employees, Pon launched a completely new recruitment website: ‘Jobs at Pon’. DSPH took care of the photography for this website. We took atmospheric photos at various factory locations and offices, as well as portraits to put a face to the stories of employees (testimonials).

This assignment was both enjoyable and challenging on more than one level. After all, with so many different locations and brands, how do you ensure that the photography reflects a single feeling? And with so many beautiful cars and bikes, how do you make sure that for once it is not the equipment but the employee who is the leading actor? In the end, we were able to create sparkling atmospheric images and portraits that fit Pon’s employer brand. A series in which the people behind the company are central, but that also gives you a sense of the vehicles they work with. Working at Pon – where you choose your own route within your career.

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