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Roan Luxury Camping Holidays

Many people think that camping holidays are just not for them. They consider going camping to be a holiday for children and do not associate it with relaxing or lounging. But Roan, part of the European Camping Group and one of the top providers of camping holidays in Europe, proves exactly the contrary. Because it’s when the kids are out and about and having fun that you get to relax. In this way, holidays at Roan are a fantastic experience for both children and adults. Or as Ivo Brand, marketing manager at Roan, puts it so well: “On a campsite, there’s always hustle and bustle, there’s always something to do. But in your own Roan accommodation, on the lounge sofa on the veranda, your sense of time slowly fades away.”

In partnership with advertising agency The Valley, we translated this premium holiday feeling into a relaxing TV commercial. As part of this, DSPH wrote the treatment and script. The film starts with a father lying back and enjoying the moment. His thoughts are with his children who are swimming, making friends, and dancing in the disco. When they rush past with inflatable toys, he looks up briefly, smiles, and sinks back into the lounge sofa feeling satisfied. Because when the children are happy and relaxed, so is he.

We shot the commercial during a multi-day shoot at a sunny location in Italy. In addition to the long film, we made a short version of the commercial (a bumper), several cut-downs to distribute via social media, and photos. We do this very often, combining video and photography at the same time with the same team. This ensures the client gets one package of content delivered in the same style.

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