‘The future is plant’ brand campaign

Royal Cosun

Royal Cosun is among the world’s leading agricultural cooperatives. They develop food, food ingredients, animal feed, bio-based ingredients, and green energy. In doing so, they contribute to reducing climate change and promoting sustainable lifestyles. Although Cosun is a big and important player, its visibility and awareness could be higher. An interesting challenge, so to say. In collaboration with DSPH, Cosun developed the brand campaign ‘The future is plants’ to raise awareness. And to attract new innovation partners, clients, and talents.

Closeness and authenticity are two important focus points for Cosun, so we came up with a matching photography concept: a young girl, honest and fresh, in the middle of a field with Cosun’s main product, the sugar beet, prominently in the picture. The image was created during one shoot on location. For the perfect light, we started early. This resulted in a ‘real’ image that in terms of atmosphere is fully in line with the identity and mission of this leading agricultural cooperative. The image was distributed on billboards, and signs in the fields, with Cosun’s story in national and regional newspapers and on social media.

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