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Premier Seafarmers

Premier Seafarmers grows and harvests the tastiest oysters, clams, cockles, lobsters, mussels, and other edibles from the sea. The family business has been doing this from Yerseke in Zeeland for generations. In the family, everything revolves around the sea, their source. Premier wants to continuously provide consumers with new, tasty, and inspiring options, but at the same time leave the sea better and healthier for future generations. That is Premier Seafarmers’ mission every day.

How do you share that mission with a large audience? A video can be the perfect medium for this purpose. In cooperation with branding agency HLO, we developed a film for Premier in which not a handful of actors or models and a hired voice-over, but the family itself tells the story of their family, the relationship with the sea, the chain, and their mission. For the perfect image, we boarded a fishing boat and waited around for the tide, or rather the ebb.

The products Premier harvests are ‘by nature’, with the sea as their working environment. The video reflects this natural feeling in colour and style. Parallel to the video, we did a photo shoot, so that both the moving images and photography follow one style and feeling for a coherent brand experience.

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