‘Man and machine aligned’ videos


PostNL (a Dutch mail, parcel, and e-commerce corporation) recently opened the Small Parcels Sorting Centre in Nieuwegein, a state-of-the-art automated and robotised centre specially equipped for sorting and distributing small parcels nationwide. Here, man and machine work closely together; a unique team composition you will not find anywhere else in the Netherlands. And this cooperation has many advantages. For instance, PostNL can deliver up to 15% more parcels. Also, the sorting process is even more accurate and better for the environment.

To announce the sorting center’s opening, we made several videos in cooperation with the creative agency Selmore. Here, it was important to highlight the advantages of the sorting centre, but also the relationship between man and robot. Because although robots work there, they absolutely do not replace their human colleagues. They form a collaboration.

How do you bring a robot closer to humans? Simple: by humanising technology. Meet Robbie the robot. We wrote the scripts, created a shot list, and wrote an approach. In the videos, Robbie goes on a job interview, gets an extensive tour of the sorting centre on his first working day, and eats a snack with his human colleague in the canteen. Man and machine working together in harmony. Short, fun, and without you realising it also very informative.

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