‘Always together’ campaign

Maxi Cosi

If you have just had a baby, knowing that your child is safe and happy is the most important thing. Maxi-Cosi – a big and super well-known player in baby and children’s products and who, for example, created the very first car seat with comprehensive safety features – knows this better than anyone else. That is why the brand launched the Connected Home line with four new products that are connected to WiFi and thus can be controlled remotely: a baby monitor, a humidifier, a light & sound device, and a crib light.

To introduce brand-new parents to these new products, we developed a launch campaign together with advertising agency The Brave New Now called always together. Because that is exactly what the products do; they allow you to always be connected with your baby, even if you are not physically together. The campaign emphasises the bond between parent and child and is simple, relatable, intimate, and real.

DSPH provided the video and photography for the campaign. An overarching product line video, but also shorter videos and key visuals per product that we shot on location during a multi-day shoot. The big challenge here, of course, was that we had to work with young children. In this particular process, we made things 100% easier for the client by writing a clear treatment, making a flexible planning, and providing guidance from A to Z.

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