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Kitchen heroes (W&G Brinkhorst)

There is a growing shortage of chefs in professional kitchens throughout the Netherlands, while guests’ tastes are becoming increasingly demanding. To relieve staff in kitchens, W&G Brinkhorst – a supplier for food professionals and the specialist in chicken, meat, game, and poultry – devised a concept under the brand name ‘Keukenhelden’ (roughly translated: kitchen heroes): high-quality, pre-cooked meat that can be perfectly finished on a Big Green Egg, Josper or other grills with a relatively simple operation.

However, during talks with chefs, W&G Brinkhorst noticed a lot of resistance to trying the products. Time for us to get to work. For Keukenhelden, we devised a content strategy focusing on the experience stories of chefs already using Keukenhelden. The content strategy is based on the hero, hub & hygiene principle within which you create content of various lengths and types, and then share it on various online platforms. The portrait film of Patrick van Den Bosch working as a chef at EVE is pivotal to the strategy.

In total, we made five hub film portraits of chefs, in locations ranging from beachside to starred restaurants. From these portraits, we reused the atmospheric images to edit one overarching hero film, which tells the story of Keukenhelden with a voiceover. For the hygiene layer, we included vlogs, filmed by W&G account managers, in which they visit chefs who share their favourite recipes with Kitchen Heroes.

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