Real estate marketing for ‘Hyde Park’

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On a prime location in Hoofddorp, Hyde Park is rising: a new-build project consisting of several apartment complexes designed by world-famous architects. The developer of Hyde Park asked DSPH to develop video content for various target groups. For this, we came up with different concepts and angles and supervised the project from A to Z.

The first phase centres on the vision and concept of Hyde Park. Here, we made a series of videos in which all the architects involved – such as Winy Maas of architecture firm MVRDV – introduce themselves and tell their design stories. This phase aims to ‘load’ Hyde Park with potential buyers and create awareness. The second phase is slightly more commercially focused on buyers. In it, for example, interior designer Eric Kuster talks about what possibilities a Hyde Park apartment has. And in a video with BALR founder Demy de Zeeuw, he takes you inside a home specially decorated by him. Who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment where your curtains close automatically, and your PlayStation 5 turns on when you step inside?

Phase three is so-called ‘proof content’ showing that the project is being realised and there are already buyers. For this phase, we made a ‘Meet the buyers’ video and a ‘Follow the construction’ video with the contractor. A special feature here was that we had installed large numbers of timelapse cameras on the construction site that were shooting 24/7. 

Although the videos all serve a different phase, they are related to each other. The architects’ films from phase one have a visionary look and feel with lots of backlighting. In contrast, the films on construction are shot in a more documentary style so as not to make it too slick. The video content created was distributed via social media, paid and organic (@hydeparkishere).

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