‘Beautiful in its simplicity’ campaign


Ever since Boerschappen was founded in 2013, we have had a close partnership. And although the grocery box delivery company has grown and developed over the years, its mission has always remained the same: to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for its customers by delivering healthy and nutritious food. And to make a positive contribution to the transition toward regenerative agriculture. In the meantime, they make it fun and easy to cook with the seasons while telling all those great stories of the farmers involved.

We took care of the photography for the new Boerschappen website, but also made a film entitled ‘Beautiful in its simplicity’. To unify the images and image of Boerschappen and to further professionalise its look and feel, we developed a style that has four seasons. These four seasons are expressed in colours and moods.

In the film, we once again tell the special story of Boerschappen and how the chain works: the products are collected from the farmer and delivered to the customer the next day. We wrote the script together with the client. And the voice-over? That’s just the voice of one of Boerschappen’s founders, Stijn. In that regard, too, the video is beautiful in its simplicity.

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